TEN Classes

Thursdays from end-of-school till 5 pm

(Please send an extra snack on Thursdays)

Concert is MAY 4THth at 5:20 PM 

Registration closes FEBRUARY 13th, at NOON. 


“Elizabeth and Garrett, you both have done something wonderful!  Luke was diagnosed on the autism spectrum a couple of years ago and while he is very high functioning and low on the spectrum, it has impacted our daily lives tremendously. Luke has had much trouble in social situations and has had a significant communication speech disability.  He had never even attempted to sing along to a song until last year…  A year ago he showed interest in a Bruno Mars song and his Occupational therapist thought it would be a good time to introduce metronome therapy with Luke to help with daily struggles Luke has with balance and coordination.  This led him to you.  I was unsure of how he would manage in your choir, but he has fallen in love with music and I am going to be forever grateful to you both.  You have unlocked a piece of his puzzle.  You are doing such important work with these kids.  Music and art are lacking in our schools and you have filled the gap in such an amazing way!  Thank you so very much!”  (Dawn S., Mother of Hawthorne Kids Choir student, Luke P)




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Terms & Conditions

Late pickup policy: It is expected that children will be picked up and signed out between 5:00 and 5:05. A charge of one dollar per minute will be applied after 5:05.

(Note: Children cannot be released to CEP unless they are already registered for CEP).

All choir members must participate, and must not distract others from participating. If issues aren't resolved after student warning, parental notification, and then probation, the child will be released from choir.

By registering for a class, you grant Louisville Voice Lessons permission to photograph or video your participation in Kids Choir. You also grant LVL permission to use your likeness in a promotional capacity including but not limited to print materials, web site, print, online or out of home media and other medium now or later developed; as well as permission to share photography and video including your likeness for use by media publications on behalf of Louisville Voice Lessons

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